What is the culture like at St. James?

The congregation is quite diverse by age and social dynamics.  We have scientists, factory workers, business executives and retail clerks.  We are large enough to meet the needs of most families but small enough for everyone to feel a part of the ministry.

We have a dynamic youth ministry (see that page) but strongly encourage intergenerational engagement so that everyone shares in the larger vision and mission of the church.

We are very service-oriented, seeking to live out our discipleship in the context of serving our neighbors who have physical, emotional and spiritual needs.  For example, we have a weekly Bible study for the intellectually and physically disabled persons of the Greenfield community.  (See “Get involved”, “Sonrise ministry”.)  We have regular volunteers at the city soup kitchen and food pantry and have our own distribution center in which we provide needy families with toiletries not covered by food stamps.

We want to be relevant especially to families with school-age children, providing spiritual growth for parents and children in the context of meaningful relationships.

There is however a sizable group of retired people at St. James who provide a stable foundation of wisdom and experience for younger generations to learn from and build upon.

Worship at St. James is diverse as well.  While we offer a worship service that incorporates the historic liturgy of the church, we also offer a contemporary worship service with an excellent praise band that offers a variety of musical instruments and talented musicians.  Casual dress is the norm but you won’t feel out of place if you wear a coat and tie or Sunday dress.

We believe our diversity is something to celebrate!  But the best way to experience life at St. James is to visit us.  You’ll feel welcome here but not overwhelmed.

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